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We Have Lift Off!

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As of now, the site is live, who knows what will happen next? Hopefully we will iron out any little wrinkles that we have missed even though it has all been checked and checked again.

As of now, Georgie Jones ... and you thought your family was weird! is having the cover prepared and the pre launch package put together. In the next week or so, we should be the proud owners of the proof copy from the printers. Always an exciting moment when all the hard work from everyone has come together into a real book.

The moment we are all happy with the finished product we will start taking orders, all the pre orders will not only receive a signed copy, there will also be some special extras to go with the book. Plus, there is also the chance to name a character in Nicky Gregory's forthcoming Georgie Jones book! Imagine that, a name chosen by a reader to be preserved for posterity in the pages of a novel.

Here's looking forward to plenty of interaction with our readers and not too many hiccups!



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