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'In 2015 high on the side of Mount Everest I experienced the darkest days of my life to date. Little did I realise that the darkest day was still to come four years later. But this also led to me discovering the truth about who I was, and what I wanted out of life. It took a life of Misadventure to discover the answers.'

Pre order this engrossing and absorbing new book from Ellis J Stewart.


In 2004, Ellis wrote to the great explorer Sir Ranulf Fiennes. In his reply he said 'You write a great letter and would write a very funny book ...' We'd like to think this is that book!


Life is full of experiences, good and bad, tragic and life affirming, much of what Ellis has experienced will resonate with the reader, whether it is the strength to follow your dreams or coping with the depths of depression and self worth and everything inbetween. Maybe the lessons he has learned will go on to inspire and encourage others as they follow their own journey. Even without that, it is a a thrilling ride through a life that is lived with enthusiasum and passion. 

New for 2021

The lockdown and restrictions have affected all of us and we hope that you and yours are all safe and well. As we head out of the restrictions and lockdown, we look forward to bringing you some exciting new books including Colin the Campervan and the Field of Lost Names by Tim Bentinck and Misadventure by Ellis J Stewart, plus lots more. 

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Watch Tim Bentinck talk about Colin the Campervan and more on BBC Breakfast.  Terry Molloy and Monty talk about their book.


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