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The first book of poetry from actor and presenter Mark Little. 

You might remember him as Joe Mangel in Neighbours, or know him as a regular panel guest on The Wright Stuff. You might not know he writes deep thinking, heart touching, shout at at the world poetry. 

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As seen on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff. See the episode here, watch from 1 minute 52 seconds, in. 

Due for release, late September 2017.

Meet Montmorency Montgomery Bear, The Bear with the Ginormous Heart.

Published in September, this is the first book from well known actor, Terry Molloy. Best known for his portrayal of Davros in Doctor Who  in the 1980s and also as the voice of Mike Tucker in Radio 4's The Archers. 

Telling the tale of his life long companion, Monty, Terry takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of Monty's life. 

Beautifully illustrated by fellow author Paul Magrs. Best known for his novels, Paul has a real talent for creating vibrant and charming art. Click on the image to pre order your signed copy. 

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