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  1. This is a review of Colin Baker's "Sixth Sense: From the Columns of the Bucks Free Press" (signed copy):

    I have to say, I bought it mainly for the autograph. That's why I bought the signed copy, not the normal one. I do not know Mr. Baker's work apart from Doctor Who. That said, I just opened it to read a few pages, because I really didn't know what to expect.
    But once I began reading, I almost couldn't put it down. Mr. Baker has a delightful writing style. It's almost, as if he's sitting in an old armchair in your room and reading his book to you. And the book is full of interesting stories, sometimes to make you smile or laugh, sometimes to make you feel sad, sometimes to just think about them. I definitely recommend it.

    If you're no fan of Doctor Who, you can still read and enjoy this book a lot. And if you are indeed a fan of Doctor Who and particularly his sixth incarnation, buy yourself the signed copy. It's simply the cherry on top.

    The book itself looks pretty good, nice artwork, creative bookmark.

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  2. Thank you so much for the lovely book, Sixth Sense. It's an absolute joy to read and I loved the way it was presented & packaged.

    Hoping you're going to publish more of these in the future!

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  3. Thank you so much for the 2 delightful books. Thank you especially for all the little extras you put in and one more thank you, for the kind helpful correspondence I receive from you when I place an order.
    Regards, Celia

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  4. I waited with anticipation for Iris the Architect to be published and was so happy to receive it...just in time to go under the Christmas tree! Unwrapped, the beautifully illustrated book was a perfect addition to the gifts under our tree and I was so thrilled to give several books to nieces and nephews as I knew they would fall in love with the little heroine is this charming book that children and adults alike will pick up again and again. The younger ones in the family so enjoyed the story of this little dog that knew she could but I find them going back often just to look at the beautiful artwork and drawings in this delightful read. I can't speak more highly of this perfect piece of children's literature and the message it sends speaks to the heart of every reader. I urge every parent, aunt, teacher and friend to get this book for a special youngster or animal lover in your life. It will delight all as we happily cheer the joy of Iris's achievement and the special bond she holds with her mother. Beautiful book!

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  5. I just wanted to say Hi!!

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